Where I’ve Been

Hello! I know it’s been way too long of a hiatus, and I wanted to explain why I took it, and where I was. I initially took a break around May/June of 2018 because not only was my mental health experiencing a rocky patch, but I also began dating again! To anyone who knows me personally, that’s a huge deal for me. With all I’ve gone through in past relationships, I never truly believed I’d open myself up like that again. The guy is incredible though, and I couldn’t be happier or more in love. Since we started dating, he’s been nothing but kind and uplifting in my mental health journey, as well as a cheerleader for all of my personal endeavors. Letting him in was more rewarding than I ever imagined. After being told by my ex that no one would ever love me like he did after we broke up I can genuinely say he was right. I’m being loved like I’ve always deserved, and it’s so much more than he ever gave me.

I’ve been toying for months on if I wanted to make a comeback with Dream Girl Diaries or not. For awhile I had convinced myself that my point was gone, and that people had given up on me just as quickly as I had given up on myself. It was tough. I let my self esteem, and worth plummet at the thought of being nothing to the people I felt I was something to at one point.

After all of that, it’s taken me 9 months to convince myself to write this piece. To come back to the dream I had, and made for myself with this blog. Mental health is a part of me that will never go away, and if opening up about that can help even one person, then Dream Girl Diaries has fulfilled it’s purpose.

So here I am, almost a year later, finally writing again. I have big dreams for this blog, and I am finally ready to work towards achieving them. I now have the support I needed to get me through my road block, and I’m back! I’m going to start posting again, and for the times where I’m hitting rock bottom, I’m going to start accepting guest contributions! First guest writer will be posted very soon!

Thank you to everyone who didn’t give up on me, and gave me the extra love and support I needed as a push to keep going. I hope the future of Dream Girl Diaries does not disappoint.

As always,