I still see your face in every crowd.
In the passerby at night when I walk home;
And I hold my breath until I realize it isn’t you.
Every now and then I see you in my dreams.
Sometimes you’re just another fleeting thought,
and others you’re a whole film my mind cast you in as the main character.
I still see you and it hurts, but the pain lessens each and every time.
Though I started seeing someone new, and I find myself wanting to start writing about him the more time I spend in his arms instead of yours.
His touch is gentle, and his eyes don’t lie to me like yours did.
He’s given me hope in an honest love,
And he’s given me the ability to feel happiness again.
His patience with me has been overwhelming, and every kiss feels like healing.
I know now, I never loved you.
Because the love I feel for him could never compare.